Lovely was established at 2016.  Welcome to inquiry via email or facebook

Welcome to co-shoot.

Lovely 成立於2016,歡迎電郵或facebook查詢;歡迎合作約拍。



Shooting: Sony HDR-TD30 VE 3D Handycam Samples

Shooting: Sony FDR-AX100 4K Handycam  Samples

Photo Editing: Lightroom + Photoshop

Video Editing: Premiere + Movie Studio + Power Director + Beauty Box


Latest Updates at Starsupporta

Starsupporta 璨星國際雜誌/畫報



Lovely Photos 唯美相片




Lovely Music Show LIVE 唯美音樂秀


Lovely Activity Shows 唯美活動秀


Lovely fashion Shows 唯美時裝秀


Pure lovely Racing Queen 唯美清純賽車皇后


Pure lovely Beer Girls 唯美清純啤酒女郎


Pure lovely Bikini Models 唯美清純泳衣模特


Pure lovely Underwear Models 唯美清純內衣模特



Welcome to inquiry via email or facebook at

Welcome to co-shoot.