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SafaCura, literally means "Safe Cure", which aims at providing safe therapeutic advice to people all over the world. It was originated by and belongs to god.

YiYi provides healthcare quotation.

Divina provides Tarrot and Yi Jing divinations.

SafaPharmaceutica provides quotation for medicine.

MusicaCura provides music therapy including China Five elements music and new age songs

TCMSchool provides e-courses for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

CMedaLib contains electronic Chinese Medicinal Books.

Natura Proda Medica contains E-journal for Natural Products.

NPCI is a database for Chemical Ingredients of Natural Products.

NPAlbum originally wants to be a template for Natural Products showing the natural products' morphologies, characteristics, composition and ingredients, medical usage and toxicity, etc. Now mainly focus on photos, videos and 4D illustrations and records for commonly used Chinese Medicine. Short notes of the uses and applications of Chinese Medicines are posted in Chinese also.

SafaCosa provdes safe beautycare cosmetic products.

SafaCrza provides healthcare crystal products.

Starsupporta is an artistic international magazine publishing photo and video of stars and models. The contents include activities, fashion shows, exhibitions, parties, beauty contests, etc... The aim of Starsupporta is recording events. Therefore, the original size and quality of photos are reduced in order to enhance the internet loading speed. The original high quality photos can be requested by sending email to us. Photoshop modified photos or 3D photos can be requested as well.

 We declare that the contents of this website never endanger national security.


SafaCura is a non-profit making organization. Welcome for Donation.

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